principalWelcome to Glen Edwards Middle School, cleverly known as GEMS.  We are a student centered school: complete with diverse students and a dynamic culture.  It's an exciting time for the GEMS family: over the past few years we have been extremely fortunate in adding many new teachers to an already incredible staff.  We at GEMS believe every student can thrive and have a variety of unique programs that assist in successfully guiding students from middle school to high school.  It is imperative that middle school seamlessly prepare and transition students to high school.  Being a unified school district permits us to create pathways such as, Computer Science, AVID, Agricultural Science, Leadership, and Video Production that students can explore during middle school and later specialize in high school.  Other award winning programs such as band, athletics, and clubs transform GEMS from a school to a home where we encourage all students to find their place.
Sports - We participate in the Placer County middle school athletic league known as FISAL, Foothill Intermediate Scholastic Athletic League.
Programs - Band, Art, Computer Science, Leadership, Video Production/Yearbook and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, (STEM).
Afterschool programs and clubs- Tutoring, Roller Hockey, Christian Club, Gymnastics Club, People Assisting With Service Club, (PAWS) and Agriculture Leadership.
School App - yes
School colors - Black and maroon
Parent organization - Assoc. of Parents, Teachers and Students, (APTS).
Unique school info.- Both GEMS and Edwards Air Force Base were named after Glen Edwards.  Glen was a Lincoln High School graduate and an Air Force test pilot that was killed in an experimental bomber know as the "flying wing".  Some of that technology helped in the development of our current flying wing, the B-2 Stealth bomber.


Stacey Brown, Principal