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general requirements for all sports 20-21
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Irrespective of setting or case rate or sport played, the following general guidance requirements must be adhered to at all times:
  • Face coverings to be worn when not participating in the activity (e.g., on the sidelines).
  • Face coverings to be worn by coaches, support staff and observers at all times, and in compliance with the CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.
  • Face coverings worn by participants during practice, conditioning and during competition, even during heavy exertion as tolerated.  See the American Academy of Pediatrics Interim Guidance on Return to Sports [1] for specific exceptions where the face-covering may become a hazard. 
  • Observers maintain at least 6 feet from non-household members.
  • No sharing of drink bottles and other personal items and equipment.
  • Mixing with other households prior to and post any practice or competition must strictly adhere to current gathering guidance.
  • Teams must not participate in out-of-state games and tournaments; several multistate outbreaks have been reported around the nation, including California residents.
What it will look like at practice:
  • Students will have to come back to campus.  Practice cannot be held right after school. Practice will start at 3:00 and end at 4:15.
  • Face coverings MUST be worn as students come back on campus.  They will be told where to wait for the coaches.  They will come to a central area and when they start their activities masks can be removed.
  • Locker rooms will NOT be available for the students before, during, or after practice.
  • When the student’s activities are completed they will be expected to put their masks back on.  When they leave campus they should have their masks on until they are off the property.
  • Students run practice courses on and off-campus with supervision.  As long as they are participating in the activity they do NOT need to wear a mask.  It is only when the activity is over they have to put their mask back on. 

What Meets will Look like:
  • The same rules for mask wear apply during meets.  If students are not in a competition they will be expected to wear a mask.  
  • There will be two meets as of now.  One of the meets will be sponsored by GEMS and the other will be TBMS.  
  • If more teams in our league decide to participate we will add more meets. 

Limitations on Observers
  • Limit observation of youth sports (age 18 years and under) to immediate household members, and for the strict purpose of age-appropriate supervision.  This includes observation of practice and competition.  Limit the number of observers to ensure physical distance can be maintained, reduce potential crowding, and maintain indoor and outdoor capacity limits.
  • Consider Video streaming of games so that they can be watched "live" from home
  • For adult sports, spectators are not permitted at this time.

To be eligible for sports you must:
  • Fill out and submit the Google Form/Survey located below
  • All students must have a current PHYSICAL on file with the school (current means within the past year).  
  • All students must turn in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form signed by BOTH student and parent
  • All students must turn in a Participant Waiver/COVID-19 Form signed by BOTH student and parent.  
  • Completed signed forms can be dropped off in the main GEMS office, scanned and emailed to or faxed to (916)645-6379.

sport packet & athlete sign up
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Due to the pandemic we are currently only able to offer Cross Country.  If interested in participating complete the following online Google Form/Survey:
In addition to this, it is required you PRINT, SIGN and RETURN the following documents to the school before participating in practice or competitions.
1) Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form (Student & Parent Signature Required)
2) Participant COVID Waiver (Student & Parent Signature Required)
3) Sport Physical (Dated within the past year and signed by a Doctor)
Completed forms can be dropped off in the main office, faxed to (916)645-6379, or emailed to: