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Student Submitting Work in Schoology

All assignments will be posted in Schoology for students to complete while in Distance Learning. 

If using a school issued Chromebook, students need to be logged in under their WPUSD email address.

Your child's account is the Grad year + Last name + First Initial + Middle if enrolled that way.  Example:

The password is the student ID#. That number is on the schedule your child picked up this week. It starts with a 200.

This log on information will be the student's as long as they attend a WPUSD school.

If your child is not logged into the computer under their WPUSD email, they need to ensure they are logged into Google under their WPUSD email address.  If another email is logged in (such as a sibling or parent), the student will not be able to submit their classwork.

It is recommended that students login to Schoology through their Clever account.

Helpful Tips

  • When submitting assignments in Schoology, students need to click on the assignment link.  If a student clicks on the assignment from the teacher calendar, they will not have the appropriate access.
  • When clicking on the assignment, students may be prompted to “make a copy.”  Once they do this, the assignment can be edited by the student.  In the upper right hand corner, students will see a “submit” button when they are finished.

The student Schoology link is: