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Skyeler Tang

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00-2:30
Contact Info:  Phone: 916.645.6370
Email (

CLICK HERE for a list of mental health resources in Placer County should your student require support during non-school hours:

Counselor Request Form

If you need to speak with Mrs. Tang, GEMS School Counselor, or Mr. Larson, GEMS School Psychologist, please fill out this form. We will contact you. If you do not hear back, please email:

Mrs. Tang at   or

Mr. Larson at

This form is confidential.

Parents and teachers can also refer students for counseling services.  Click HERE for information, resources and to access referral forms.  

Referrals are made to community agencies, as appropriate.  At GEMS, all staff members work together with parents and the community, to create a caring and supportive environment where young adolescents are encouraged to achieve overall wellness for academic success.

Schedule Change Policy

The schedule change policy is designed to promote academic success at GEMS.  We do understand the need to change student schedules from time to time, but changes to student schedules can impact many other courses, and therefore will be made on a limited basis.  

Schedules will be changed for the following reasons:

  • Academic misplacement-Student is placed in the wrong level of class
  • Missing a class(es) 
  • GEMS will utilize the first ten school days of each semester to involuntarily change schedules for the purpose of balancing classes 

Schedules will not be changed for the following reasons:

  • A desire for another instructor
  • A desire for a class to be a different/specific period
  • The student is failing the class
  • To have classes with friends
  • Student conflict with another student in a class (students need to discuss problems with administrators or counselor for conflict resolution)

Personality conflict will not be justification for changing a class.  All conflicts need to be resolved in a mature, professional manner.  We ask that the student and parent first take the responsibility to meet with the teacher and work through the problem.  If a resolution cannot be reached, then the parent or teacher should contact an administrator to meet about the issue.  If a class change is granted by the administration, it will be based on space availability and with the least impact to the student’s schedule.

All schedule change requests must be made by submitting a paper copy of the Schedule Change Request form to the office. GEMS Schedule Change Request